You know you’re from the south when

  1. One of the highlights of the summer was Vacation Bible School week, and you probably had to wear matching Veggie Tales shirts with your brother. (Also notice the rockin’ cornrows I was sporting). VBS was one of the best parts of summer; the water balloon fights, Jesus songs with hand motions, endless sand art crafts, and all the Kool-Aid you can drink.



2. You wore a costume with fringe (preferably hot pink) and had the sass to match.



3. Tailgating is an all day event and you startem’ young. In the South, football is slightly below Jesus on the rankings of importance.




4. You have a decked out painted cooler to proudly display at the beach. Lilly prints, monograms, bows, country music lyrics…made to be uniquely you.


IMG_4569 2

5. You get REALLY into the 4th of July. Because I can’t hear you over my freedom and bless your heart and the USA.




6. You are a daddy’s girl through and through. You know you’re from the South when the only man you need in your life is your daddy, and (in my case) the only shagging partner you need.



7. You still have a princess mentality (but are still a strong independent woman). Southern women know the only person who will save them is Jesus, but we also know that the quality of the other men in our life will be determined by the standards we set for them and for ourselves. To attract a prince, think of yourself as no less than a princess honey.



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